Danish & Spanish interpreting

Book me for simultaneous interpreting between Danish · English · Spanish and also from (New) Norwegian · Swedish · German · Catalan into Danish. I am based in Barcelona.

“Good communication skills, fluent and lively, showing interest.” Competence description from the EU institutions’ interpreting services



I am EU-certified, Europol-vetted, and AIIC pre-candidate. I have worked for the EU institutions since 2012 and for the private market since 2010. I was as a legal interpreter in Denmark, Sweden and Spain for fifteen years. I work since the beginning of the Milennium as a newspaper translator, keeping abreast of international matters and adding new languages.


I am a qualified conference interpreter from Copenhagen Business School (2010) and hold a Master’s degree in Spanish and English language and translation from Copenhagen University (2002). I studied literature at Barcelona University (1996-2000) and formerly studied Italian neorealism at Seville University (1995) and International Culture Studies at Roskilde University (1991).
I am currently studying a Master’s degree in journalism, specializing in foreign politics. I have taken courses at Comunicación Intercultural Madrid in Spanish political affairs and terminology, and I am trained in oral presentation and didactics.

One-stop shop

I can book the whole team and the technical equipment for you. I run the agency Interpreters.dk that I founded in 2010.

High-end customers

Amongst my clientele are EU’s police and judicial co-operations Europol and Eurojust, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, European work councils, tunnel projects by Copenhagen Metro Team, Nordstream and Femern A/S, windturbine producers Siemens and Vestas, Spain’s Ministry of Justice and Denmark’s Foreign Office and Welfare Ministry, the most important of Denmark’s media outlets, the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Journalist Union, courts of law and police forces in Denmark, Sweden and Spain.


I have been tasked with the consecutive liaison interpreting between then UK minister of Justice Kenneth Clark and his Spanish counterpart Ruiz Gallardón, OSCE’s interviews with Danish Members of Parliament, several conferences on radicalization and terror prevention, High Court proceedings regarding scientific fraud and tampering with results, and the late night impromptu negotiations between union representatives and grand scale employers.


I can work with most subjects if I get a chance to prepare the terminology. My preferred areas are:

cranes and rigging
European Work Councils
radicalization and terror prevention
politics, e.g. nationalism and extremism
police and judicial work
asylum and immigration law

Contact me at sara@hoyrup.biz or 0045-2747 7300
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.